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There’s more to your business than just retail credit. There’s more to ours, too. Synchrony Financial has over 80 years of experience. Along the way we’ve developed expertise in marketing, leadership and operations. Now, we’d like to share our storehouse of best practices and business tools with you. What do you say? Let’s connect.

About Synchrony Connect

Synchrony Connect is a value-added program that lets Synchrony Financial partners tap into our expertise in non-credit areas. It offers knowledge and tools that can help you grow, lead and operate your business.

Insights into expanding your business – topics include innovation, marketing and sales/relationship management.
Strategies for leadership – topics include organizational strategies and talent management.
Processes to improve operations – topics include customer service, enterprise risk management, information technology, financial business planning and process management.
Synchrony Connect services include one-on-one best practice sharing engagements, consulting projects, multi-client webinars and events, and access to our online portal.

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At Synchrony Financial, everything we do is focused on building long-term relationships with our partners. When you engage with us, you gain a partner with 84 years of retail experience, deep expertise in consumer financing, and a relentless passion for innovation. Come see what Synchrony Financial can do for you. --Margaret M. Keane, President & CEO

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